Future Gohan and Other New Characters in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero  

The highly anticipated 3D fighting game Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero will have more characters, according to new pictures.  

Dragon Ball Z's forgotten Saiyan warrior Future Gohan is a super-powered hero.  

V-Jump magazine's Sparking Zero pictures, later released on X/Twitter with fan translations, confirmed Future Gohan and five other playable characters for the upcoming arena fighting game.   

Sparking Zero includes 42 playable characters at publication. Other heroes coming to Sparking! Zero:  

For DBZ fans, Future Gohan is more important than Sparking Zero's predicted playable characters like Trunks and Beerus.   

Due to his limited but dramatic screen time in Sparking Zero, Future Gohan is blowing fans' minds.  

The Dragon Ball Z special The History of Trunks introduced Future Gohan.   

After Android 17 and 18 killed DBZ's heroes, he and Trunks are humanity's last defense.   

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