Find the party thief in 5 seconds with this optical illusion eye test!  

Mentally challenging optical illusions test your perception and observation skills.  These problems help scientists learn how the brain processes visual information.  

Creative thinking and cognitive enhancement are also possible with optical illusions. Regular practice improves memory and problem-solving. 

Participate in these activities to improve brain health.   Let's begin. The image depicts a party. 

A thief attends. Readers must identify the thief in 5 seconds. Your time begins! 

View the image attentively. Photo shows the thief hiding in plain sight.   Have you noticed? 

Only keen readers will recognize the thief faster. Examine the entire image. Time is ticking, hurry. 

How many found the thief? And… Time up. Stop looking!  Readers who saw the thief are the most visually acute. Check the solution below if you can't see it. 

Enjoy this optical illusion challenge? Share it with family and friends to see who solves it fastest. Try more difficulties from our recommended reading before leaving. 


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