Drizzy Tells Ross His 'Shoulda Just Asked for Another Feature,' Rozay Demands Apology and BBL Confession

Drake and Rick Ross have DMed smoke.  

Ross sent Drake an Instagram video from an account addressing the OVO boss selling his last US home on Tuesday night.   

The $88 million mansion is "the most expensive home on the market right now in the prestigious 90210 area code," says L.A. luxury broker Tyler Neale.  

Rozay said Drizzy it's "time to upgrade the [1978] jumbo jet," Air Drake.  

"Imagine you having 88 million to spend on a crib," he informed Ross accompanied with crying/laughing emojis.  

"Your shits look like police auction stolen. Star island home on cheesecake slivers.  

Your lot 40000 square feet, my crib 40000 Leonard.   

And you wrap your timeshare jet that shits off when others fly."  

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