DJ Michael Bibi's first Coachella gig after cancer diagnosis  

Last summer, the DJ was diagnosed with a rare brain and spinal cancer, canceling all his shows.  

An unexpected set in Ibiza during therapy led to his December announcement of remission.  

He's returned to DJing with a major comeback set at a new stage at the Californian festival over a year after diagnosis.  

Before his concert, he tweeted: "One year ago I had a 30% chance of survival, now I'm packing for Coachella... Never abandon your dreams."  

According to Michael, his performance was emotional and dramatic, with moments of happiness and grief.  

"And there was just a huge range of emotions coming through."  

Michael says it's the farthest distance he's traveled since treatment and that the weekend offered an opportunity to be around crowds after being isolated.  

"Just flying to the US was a significant step.  

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