Discover the Mysterious Ice Cream Cone Lollipop in Just 8 Seconds!


 Users have been engrossed in their screens with the daily upload of millions of reels and shorts. 

 on various social media platforms since the rise of the internet and Web 2.0. Optical illusion graphics are one such thing that keeps you glued to your phones.  

 In optical illusions, the viewer's eyes are tricked into thinking they cannot perceive objects that are actually in front of them.  

 Fun as they are, optical illusions can reveal a lot about your intelligence, observational abilities, and character.  

 And trust us when we say that not everyone enjoys them.  

 We present these riddles to you in an effort to test your reasoning skills.

 You have just eight seconds to locate a lollipop concealed among ice cream cones; it's today's task.  

 Renowned Hungarian artist Dudolf created this optical illusion picture. There are ice cream cones all over the place in the photo.   


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