Cowboys Leaving Door Open for Ezekiel Elliott Reunion

Ezekiel Elliott may return to the Dallas Cowboys to add running back depth after missing out on free agency. 

The Cowboys cut Elliott last season to save cap space. Dallas needs a running back. After replacing Elliott as lead back last season, Tony Pollard joined the Tennessee Titans in free agency.  

Deuce Vaughn and Hunter Luepke are the Cowboys' only signed running backs for next season. 

Elliott has a chance after playing for the Patriots last season. His first season away from Dallas wasn't great, but he may be a running back committee member. 

Elliott ran for 642 yards on 184 carries at 3.5 yards per carry. He contributed 51 receptions for 313 yards. 

On Wednesday, March 13, staff writer Patrik Walker recommended a reunion with Elliott. 

“I wouldn’t rule out a possible reunion with Ezekiel Elliott (and then drafting an RB to tandem),” Walker tweeted on X. He still has a good relationship with the Cowboys and talks to them. 

Elliott is third in Cowboys rushing history with 8,262 yards. After seven years with the Cowboys, Elliott's departure was difficult last season. However, it was civil. 


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