Cole Palmer's shot sparks Chelsea penalty controversy as Mauricio Pochettino 'can't accept' reasoning  

Cole Palmer, Chelsea's usual spot-kick taker, scored his fourth goal after Nicolas Jackson and Noni Madueke battled over who would take one. 

"I can't accept this behavior," remarked Pochettino.  

"This is the last time I want to see this behavior."  

"This behavior is impossible after this performance," he said. We must change and think together to be a great team."  

Palmer earned his eleventh penalty of the season in the 64th minute after a weird 60-second fight involving five players.  

Madueke grabbed the ball from Malo Gusto first, initiating a 30-second exchange between the two.   

Captain Conor Gallagher then told Madueke to give Palmer the ball.   

Gallagher grabbed the ball and gave it to Palmer after Madueke rebuffed both guys.  

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