Coconut Rice Bowls

Delicious Coconut Rice Bowls with coconut milk-cooked jasmine rice, crispy tofu, seasonal veggies, fresh cilantro and mint, and toasted coconut flakes.  

This Coconut Rice Bowl is great because you can use seasonal veggies and any protein!  To celebrate Spring, we're eating tofu, asparagus, and peas.   

The rice is rich and wonderful, cooked in coconut milk with a little curry spice for color and warmth without dominating flavor.   

Tofu and vegetables are prepared, seared, and sautéed while rice cooks.  

This dish is magical when finished with fresh mint, cilantro, lime, and toasted coconut flakes!  Bright, toasted flavor and texture will improve your dish.  

Coconut rice bowl variations  

brown rice or white jasmine, basmati, or quinoa (follow package instructions using coconut milk and water.)  


chicken, shrimp, or even fish 


green beans, broccoli, snap peas, colorful bell peppers, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, shiitakes, salad turnips  


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