Caitlin Clark reveals why she takes time to interact with young fans: 'Super important'

Caitlin Clark is one of the most popular athletes alive, and her star will only rise as she begins her professional basketball career in the WNBA on Monday, with the draft  

Clark set NCAA Division I basketball records during her final season with Iowa in 2023-24.  

Her games were loaded with electrifying 3-pointers, some from near mid-court, and shouting fans hoping to witness brilliance like women's basketball has never seen before.Before and after games  

the former Hawkeyes star has been spotted engaging with fans and signing autographs.  

She emphasized the significance of doing so in an interview with NBC's "Today."  

"The people I idolized in my life were either professional women's basketball players,   

professional soccer players, and that's what I wanted to be growing up," said Clark. "  

"I always try to make as much time as possible for them." And just seeing people yell your name or wear your shirt never gets old."  


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