Brad Stevens reveals lesson from Danny Ainge that stuck with him more than ‘anything else’

Brad Stevens joined the Celtics as a coach before becoming an executive.

He worked with Danny Ainge for eight seasons. Stevens took over as President of Basketball Operations for the Celtics after Ainge resigned in 2021.

In a recent interview with Steve Bulpett of Heavy Sports, Stevens stated he learned a lot from Ainge over the years, despite their differing methods.

"I took a lot from Danny," Stevens said to Bulpett. "Danny's an amazing person, and what I probably took away from him more than anything else was that he didn't always agree with everything I did —

in fact, he probably looked at some of the things I was doing and said, 'No, that probably won't work.'" But he always let me do my work and was quite supportive."

In addition to his playing career, Ainge was the Phoenix Suns' head coach for three seasons before joining the Celtics as an executive.

Stevens said having someone like Ainge in an administrative position who also knows what it's like to be a coach was beneficial to him

Stevens is now sharing his insights with current Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla.


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