Ben Pattison: British 800m champion plans to challenge for Olympic gold in Paris in 2024 

 "I reckon there were a few people looking around thinking 'who is this guy?'," he says. 

 "I think I surprised many. Some had probably never heard of me. I know they have now." 

Pattison, Britain's last-minute 800m qualifier, went from unknown to Olympic medal contender in 105 seconds.  

 The 21-year-old, who had a potentially fatal cardiac issue, was in astonishment when he won World Championship bronze in August. 

 A hard-earned, guilt-free off-season in the US aside, he could not have prepared better to become Britain's first Olympic men's 800m medalist since Sebastian Coe 40 years ago. 

 "I still don't think the fact I'm a world medallist has fully sunk in and I don't think it will until I look back on my career," Pattison told BBC Sport. 

 "It has boosted my training and life confidence. Knowing I am the best in the world helps me push harder.  

 "I want to match or beat that at the Olympics. Since people know me, I'm looking forward to the challenge. I can defeat anyone on my day I think."  

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