Andrew Benson takes your questions on the upcoming Chinese Grand Prix in this Formula One Q&A.  

First sprint racing weekend of the year and fifth race of the season.  

Andrew Benson, BBC F1 correspondent, tackles your questions before the Chinese Grand Prix.  

The Red Bull is the best car. Full stop. China should provide Ferrari another chance to compete with Red Bull like in Australia.  

Shanghai is a front-limited circuit because the long curves stress the front tyres, determining lap time.  

Thus, graining on the front tyres, where the surface tears, is predicted, lowering grip.  

Ferrari has performed well at high-graining circuits like Las Vegas last year and Australia this year.   

This should push the top two cars closer. Whether Ferrari can defeat Red Bull straight up is another matter.  

Another prominent team, McLaren, is anxious about China because their car struggles in corners with long entry, where it brakes and turns for a long time.  

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