An astronomer explains why you might still see the Voyager probes 15 billion miles away.  

Reddit users questioned whether they could see the Voyager probes if they were in space.  

An astronomer assured us that the sun would be bright enough to see that far into space.

When Voyager 1 launched in 1977, it embarked on an indefinite journey into space as an emissary for humanity.  

It is now the farthest human-made item from Earth, having traveled more than 15 billion miles in interstellar space.

If you were out there, where everything we know is so far away and existence itself is unfamiliar, would you even be affected by our sun?   

Could you see anything out there from such a distance, or is everything just black?  

We invited Michael Zemcov, an experimental astrophysicist and professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, to explain it so you don't have to get out your calculator and do the arithmetic.   

To begin, he stated that even though Voyager 1 and 2 are far out in space, past all major planets, they remain relatively bright.   

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