almond milk overnight oats

These Almond Milk Overnight Oats are the perfect grab-and-go breakfast with a 5-minute prep time. Their dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free properties are simply achieved.   

Oats are delicious, nutritious, and high in protein. They also have fiber, which keeps you full.   

Instead of cooking oatmeal on the stove, overnight oats are blended the night before.  

The perfect healthy breakfast for a busy day, it takes 5 minutes to prepare!   

Overnight oats are delicious warm or cold and have unlimited toppings!  

ingredients :

The overnight oats almond milk oats ratio works well for plain oats. Instant or quick oats bind less liquid, therefore the same ratio yields runnier oats.  Choose certified gluten-free oats for this breakfast. Do not use steel-cut oats.   


We used unsweetened almond milk, but if you use sweetened, adjust the maple syrup. You might also use oat or soy milk. Coconut milk works too, but the milk-oats ratio depends on how thick (rich in fat) it is.   

Almond Milk: 

Any sweetener like agave or honey (not vegan) works here. Leaving out the sweetness will result in a bland oatmeal.   

Maple Syrup (optional): 

Despite their small, they absorb a lot of fluids. They thicken oatmeal to pudding-like consistency. Replace with ground flax seeds or omit. Milk will be little less needed.  

Chia Seeds (optional): 

Yogurt, like chia seeds, makes it creamy. When vegan, choose soy or dairy yogurt.   

Yogurt (optional): 

adds some delicious subtle vanilla flavors  

Vanilla Extract (optional): 

Salt adds taste, but add only a pinch. 

Sea Salt (optional): 

Fun begins here. From fresh fruit to creamy nut butter, overnight oats toppings are unlimited.  


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