almond-milk chia pudding 

This delicious and quick almond milk chia pudding is perfect for hectic weekdays. Perfect for meal prep, it only takes 3 ingredients. Or more.   

Choose how many layers and elements to add to your version.  

For creamy, comforting food, this basic chia pudding recipe is perfect.  

It makes a healthy, tasty breakfast in minutes.  

Your overnight chia seed recipe only requires a few ingredients, and you may flavor each batch. Try different milks and toppings to make this delicious pudding.  

ingredients :

Use black, white, or a blend of chia seeds.  

Chia Seeds: 

Use black, white, or a blend of chia seeds.  

Unsweetened Almond Milk: 

In this almond milk recipe, we prefer pure maple syrup, but you can use agave, honey, or any sugar.  

Sweetener of choice: 

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