After his 80th death, musicians honor Allman Brothers guitarist Dickey Betts.  

Famous admirers mourn Dickey Betts, 80, the Allman Brothers singer, songwriter, and guitarist.  

“Dickey wrote classic Brothers songs like “Blue Sky,” “Rambling Man,” “Jessica,” and “in Memory of Elizabeth Reed.”  

His incredible guitar playing with Duane Allman developed the dual guitar sound that defined Southern Rock.   

Music, songwriting, fishing, hunting, sailing, golf, karate, and boxing were his passions.   

Dickey was into and excelled at anything he liked.  

Betts, his brothers Duane, Berry, Butch, and Gregg Allman, and ABB crew members Twiggs Lyndon, Joe Dan Petty, Red Dog, Kim Payne, and Mike Callahan traverse the world performing their music in that old Winnebago in the sky.   

“My first concert was Dickey Betts at Coleman's in Rome, New York in 1983.  

Blew my head and made me crave Les Paul.” On X, guitarist Joe Bonamassa.  

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