A Deluge of Promotional Materials Unveils Taylor Swift's "Tortured Poets" 

 A library, a word game, a comeback to TikTok, and a satellite radio channel were all things that came before the pop star's most recent album. Her devoted followers are always up for more.  

With her concerts, music charts, Super Bowl appearances, and Grammys dominating the spotlight, Taylor Swift was already the most pervasive pop star in the galaxy.  

Swift was practically everywhere in the days preceding Friday's release of "The Tortured Poets Department," including on the internet.  

 An Apple Music word game was created using her lyrics. In a Los Angeles shopping complex, a "library installation" branded by Swift and funded by Spotify appeared in muted shades of pink and gray.  

 A Chicagoan painted a QR code on a brick wall, which led viewers to yet another YouTube Easter egg  

 Some people tried to decipher Swift's music from videos she posted on social media that featured vintage typewriters and pinwheels.   

 A Swift radio station, appropriately named Channel 13 (Taylor's Version), has been added to SiriusXM's lineup. 

"The Tortured Poets Department" is sure to start with massive sales figures, especially for collector-ready vinyl variations like "ghost white" and "phantom clear." At this point in Swift's career, an album release is more than just an opportunity to profit from music  

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