A contentious ban on the hijab at the world's largest sporting event in 2024: Paris  

By July, its vast studios will become the Paris Olympics' athletes' village.

 International athletes sat across from one other in the dining hall to share meals and stories. Every four years, people of all creeds and colors assemble in this multicultural melting pot.  

In September, the IOC stated that Paris athletes can represent themselves, their beliefs, and their country.

 "There are no restrictions on wearing the hijab or any other religious or cultural attire."  

 In the 2022 presidential election, Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine le Pen, head of the far-right National Rally.

"The hijab ban is the result of two discriminations: islamophobia and gender discrimination," says Veronica Noseda, a football player for Les Degommeuses, a Parisian anti-discrimination club.

 Assile Toufaily, who played international football for Lebanon, joined Lyon in 2021.

 "There is a hate on Muslim people during these last few years in France and it's shown in sport."

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