8 Sweet Signs A Dog Gives When They Love Your Partner — And Wants You To Keep Them Around

1. Their tail wags a certain way

A dog's tail reveals all! A wag represents a "yay" vote, while a rigid tail between the legs is a strong "nay." The same applies if your dog's ears are pinned back.

2. They don't growl or show their teeth

If your dog bites or snarls at a human in the park, you have a problem. Dogs are dedicated to defending you and sense a bad egg when they see one.

3. They sniff your partner's crotch

A respectful smell of the crotch is an overwhelming sign of approval. In contrast, a crotch bite results in a double loss for your person.

4. They offer a sweet lick

If your dog licks your possible spouse by the third date, take it as a favorable indication. If that lick of approval occurs on the first date, take this person to the jeweler as soon as possible.

5. They play fetch

There's a lot to learn by monitoring the interactions between a stick, your dog, and a possible suitor. Your date threw the stick? That is a great indication! They take an interest in your dog.  

6. They sit on one certain side of the car

Your date picks you up and invites you and your dog to get some ice cream. Thus far, so good. Look in the backseat to determine which side your pooch prefers.

7. They welcome your lover at the door

What is your dog's general reaction when a person approaches your door? Is there doggy rejoicing, or does your four-legged pal go fetal in the corner?

8. The Solo Walk Test

Perhaps everything has been checked out thus far. But this is the real test. It's time for your partner's solo challenge alongside your furry closest friend.


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