5 Zodiac Signs That Struggle With Emotional Intimacy

Let's face it: emotional intimacy may be terrifying. While there are various levels of intimacy in partnerships,  

motional vulnerability is characterized as sharing your goals, anxieties, and dreams for the future with your partner.

 While some signs (such as Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces, to mention a few) thrive at communicating with their partners, others struggle with it.

This month, three zodiac signs will attract 'The One' with their beautiful auras. Two Zodiacs Will Experience Conscious Growth Before the End of Spring This weekend, these three zodiac signs should reflect on their mid-month cycle. 

Geminis are excellent communicators. These air signs are naturally gregarious, yet they hide their fear of rejection with jokes and sarcasm. These extroverted, energetic signs dislike regularity, making it difficult to connect with partners who value stability


Capricorns are stubborn and cautious, so they utilize employment to avoid making connections. Capricorns are perfectionists at heart, with exceedingly high relationship standards


These enigmatic signs desire profound, meaningful connections. However, many Libras feel shallow or inadequate; they are concerned that they are overly enamored by physical attractiveness


Aries enjoy new partnerships but get bored quickly. This ennui stems from impatience; they would rather do than sit and plan. Aries are happiest with spontaneous partners that enjoy adventure and can readily transition to their next job ambition.



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