5 desserts that are well-known all across the globe

Ask others about their favorites. Bet you money to donuts they answer differently.  

Favorite foods—from childhood favorites to grandma recipes—are personal.   

This applies especially to sweets. Sugary desserts are nostalgic, but some are better than local ones.  

1. Alfajores, South America

These soft, packed biscuits are often heaped high behind the counter in community bakeries from Argentina to Peru. The crumbly shortbread is topped with dulce de leche, a caramel-like delicacy produced by gently boiling sweetened milk into a rich, mellow dessert.  

2. Apfelstrudel, Austria

Make traditional strudel dough to learn about gluten's architecture. The genuine item is stretched, not rolled, into an ironically thin sheet that should be transparent enough to read a newspaper.  

3. Baklava, Turkey 

One of the Ottoman Empire's finest legacies, this syrupy dessert melts dozens of delicate layers into a simple bite.   

4. Black Forest Cake, Germany

Germany's most delicious cake is named for its Black Forest region, along with fairy tales and mountain-top castles.   

5. Borma, Middle East and Turkey

This exquisite and fragrant delicacy is made of crisp, golden knafeh dough wrapped around a rich nut filling. Borma, unlike baklava, is often fried, giving taste and a crisp texture that can withstand a syrupy syrup bath.  

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