3 Zodiac Signs Whose Karmic Relationship Ends April 13–14  

Some feel that everything we do, like it or not, has a purpose. We may not realize why at the time, but we eventually learn that so-and-so happened because if it hadn't, we'd be in a different position that would work for us.  

Three zodiac signs will realize why they've been in a relationship and why it must stop on April 13–14. This relationship has reached a tipping point that requires new lessons. Only by ending one thing to create room for the next will we know them.  

1. Leo 

You've realized you must let go of this individual. You both recognize it's time to move on after their part in your life. You both agree that this concept is 'correct', even though it's not chilly. You've both realized that you've stayed together out of loyalty to a notion that no longer works.  

Once, that idea was useful. Your purpose-based relationship with this person is solid. You both worked hard on what you developed, and it seems you got what you desired. A required ending will be revealed on April 13, 2024. Not betraying the relationship. You liberate it.  

2. Libra 

You know your partner will be crucial in your love life when you meet them. You felt this person was 'your destiny,' and you became so close you could conquer the world together. You grow up together. Being with this wonderful person teaches you how to handle this, that, and other things.  

Moon square Neptune also changes your feelings about them. You still love each other, yet a shared sentiment makes you consider splitting up. You both think remaining together is too hard; you want to experience life without them.   

3. Sagittarius 

You don't enjoy goodbyes or rapid change, but on April 13, you'll realize both are happening and that. Not as horrible as you thought. You and a pal are splitting up. After a change of heart, you've both realized you're not the same people you used to be. It was great while it lasted, but now it must change.  

This karmic relationship came at the proper time, but you didn't realize it was finite. That's OK. You got what you needed from this individual and gave them what they needed. Moon square Neptune shows you the indicators that it's time to end your mutual karmic friendship.  

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