3 Zodiac Signs Whose Heartache Comes To An End On April 14

Heartache is a terrible experience, but it has an interesting twist. That is, when it ends, it feels as if we have been released from a mental prison.  

What's even more complicated on April 14, 2024 for the zodiac signs that have conquered heartache is that during the transit of the Moon square Venus, we are the ones who open that gate and allow ourselves.  

We realize we've spent much too long in Heartbreak Hotel, and we don't want to spend that much time feeling horrible about a prior love.  

It was nice for a while, but now it's done; that's the relationship that destroyed our hearts. We might just wake up with the realization that it's over and that this is actually a good thing.   

After all, here we are, still alive and in the game. Carrying this pain no longer feels like an edge of courage. It now feels like extra baggage, and the Moon square Venus shakes us out of the grief trance.  

Thank you so much; we are finally past our pain. Yes, Aries, it is occurring, and you have the best seats in the house. What's going on is that, thankfully, you're able to let go of a heartache that you realize you've been holding onto for far too long.  

1. Aries 

The unexpected twist you'll be experiencing is one that will reveal a truth in your life: you've been holding on to sadness because it connects you to the person who caused it.   

2. Gemini 

Phew, Leo, this heartache does have an end. Wow, what a relief. You assumed you'd be stuck with that pain for the foreseeable future.   

3. Leo 


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