2024 NBA playoffs: Predictions and choices for the whole postseason bracket, with experts eyeing Celtics-Nuggets Finals  

There is a feeling that basketball has a fairly predictable postseason.   

The theory is that in a seven-game series, the top team has a larger sample to prove its worth than in a single-elimination football system.   

Hot pitching and goaltending can lead to crazy results in baseball and hockey, but basketball is typically seen as a more stable sport. Most of the time, the best team wins.  

That belief has been proven to be erroneous. Remember that the Miami Heat, a play-in team, advanced to the NBA Finals only a year ago after winning the Eastern Conference.   

Another play-in team, the Los Angeles Lakers, advanced to the conference finals. Since 2009, only one NBA Finals series has seen both No. 1 seeds winning their respective conferences.   

That happened way back in 2016. Since the Golden State Warriors won the championship in 2017, the No. 1 overall seed has yet to win one.

No sport has such dramatic shifts between the regular season and the playoffs.  

So keep that in mind as you examine our 2024 NBA postseason brackets.  


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