10 of the World's Finest Desserts  

1. Sticky Date Pudding

My favorite dessert in the world is this. Many Australian restaurants serve Sticky Date Pudding for dessert.   

2. Hummingbird Cake

If cream cheese were a food group, everything would be fine. I've always liked cream cheese icing, especially on Hummingbird Cakes. The South loves this cake, but it originated in Jamaica, where it is a favorite delicacy.   

3. American Brownie 

Before I played around with the recipe to get a taste and texture that fit my palate, I didn't like brownies. You can never go wrong with brownies, but I recommend adapting this classic American recipe to your tastes—I like mine thick!  

4. Belgian Waffle 

What beats waffles besides more waffles? Of course, more waffles! I promise you that nothing beats a warm, nutella-covered waffle in the Belgian cold. Waffle stands are everywhere in Belgium, but Brussels is a good place to start.  


The author says this is her favorite dessert, and I agree after making it at home. My appreciation for this famous Italian dessert developed later in life (around 24, but you get the point).  

6. S’more

Only a few years ago did I try an S'more, a favorite Northern American camp snack. Gooey marshmallows, warm chocolate, and savoury biscuit make a great treat, but this S'mores skillet cookie cake will be even better!  

7. Portuguese Tart

Portugal's tarts are among the world's greatest, as anyone who has gone to Lisbon would attest. These may be my favorite sweet snack, eaten warm with lots of cinnamon.   

8. Banoffee Pie

If you follow my blog often, you know I love caramel. Every day, I would have accepted caramel, butterscotch, or dulce de leche. Anyone who agrees should make this banoffee pie at home. Prepare to unbutton pants!  

9. Pavlova

My favorite summer dessert is Australia's. Summer berries overlay crispy, sweet meringue. World-class desserts include pavlova.  

10. Gelato 

I think it's unfair to not name gelato my favorite dessert. Caramel, snickers, and dulce de leche are my favorites. However, I've substituted blueberry butter cookie gelato for fairness. I doubt anyone will complain!  

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