10 Marvel Heroes Who Have a Better Chance of Beating Goku in Dragon Ball Z

Iceman was X-Men's longtime comic relief. He could control and generate ice, becoming a living sculpture. Iceman was always powerful, but his powers were constantly joked about.   

1. Iceman Could Freeze Goku In His Track

Thor has grown stronger recently. After Odin's death, Thor became All-Father of Asgard and gained access to the Odinforce, renamed the Thorforce. Even with the Power Cosmic, Thor killed Galactus and has since shown off his power.  

2. Thor Is More Powerful Than Ever Before

Blue Marvel obtained powers while developing the Negative Reactor before the Vietnam War. This gadget would bridge the Negative Zone and positive matter universes, using anti-matter energy to generate endless power.   

3.   Blue Marvel's Control Over Anti-Matter Would Allow Him To Destroy Goku

On a Roxxon oil rig rescue mission, Monica Rambeau obtained power. She became the second Captain Marvel and Avengers Chairwoman after controlling the energy spectrum.  

4. Photon's Complete Control Over Energy Takes Away Goku's Greatest Power

Legion is the son of Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller, a Jewish woman he met in Israel. While neglecting his son, Xavier contracted DID, which interacted with his mutant genes.  

5. Legion Has A Multitude Of Power

Moira MacTaggert's son Proteus. Initially, his mutant powers cursed him by burning his flesh and forced him to inhabit other bodies. Moira suppressed his powers, but he escaped and the X-Men faced him.  

6. Proteus's Reality Altering Powers Will Trump Goku's Abilitie

Thaddeus Ross dislikes Bruce Banner and has tried to kill him as the Hulk and as a civilian. Ross was exposed to gamma radiation after taking his vendetta further. Red Hulk ravaged the Marvel Universe, defeating the strongest heroes.   

7. Red Hulk's Energy Absorption Abilities Will Give Him The Power To Defeat Goku

Marvel has many powerful characters, but some are exceptional. Owen Reece in summary. Known as the Molecule Man, Reece can affect molecules. Reece, like a god, can make creation's building blocks do anything he wants.   

8. Molecule Man Could Unravel Goku At A Molecular Level

Marvel's leading killer is Galactus. He doesn't do it for power or malice, unlike some. Galactus feeds on worlds, a vital cosmological function. He's also the kind of being Goku would fight. Saiyan hero would be no match.  

9. Galactus Is A Force Of Nature

The Supreme Sorcerer is Doctor Strange. Earth's first and last defense against the multiverse's strongest adversaries is him. He has often defended Earth from evil powers that would devour all life. His magic skills make him a god-rival.  

10. Doctor Strange's Plethora Of Powers Would Give Him The Tools To Beat Goku

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