Tuna-Caper Linguine

It is now six o’clock here, and you have just arrived home from your place of employment. You have a feeling of hunger. After you have finished pouring yourself a glass of white wine, you explore the pantry that you have in your home. In addition to some pasta, a single onion, and capers (always keep a jar on hand), you find a few jars of tuna that you have left over from the tuna salad obsession that you were on a few weeks ago. You also find some capers. When you look at the white wine that you are currently holding in your hands, you find yourself thinking, “There is the possibility of some magic here.”

In large part, this pasta has a pasta aglio e olio vibe because it is almost precisely the same as pasta aglio e olio, except it contains tuna instead of the traditional Italian ingredient. Cooking garlic in oil, making use of the oil that is already present in the tuna jar, and adding white wine are all instructions that are included in the recipe. The objective of these instructions is to improve the flavor of the tuna. Next, coat the pasta by tossing it in the mixture of the flavorful oil and the starchy pasta water. This will ensure that the pasta is evenly coated. The richness of the oil can be reduced with the help of capers and white wine, which both contribute crucial acidity and, as a consequence, a sense of equilibrium to the cooking process.

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