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Who lasts longer…
Who lasts longer… 300 270 Brandon Croucher

Who lasts longer… You or your cell phone battery?  How quickly does your phone, laptop, headphone need to recharge? Do you require the same amount of time to recharge yourself? See the video of Brandon’s opinion on this issue iPhone, Ipad, Imac I-can’t stand how much we have become entwined with our technology. When I…

Where has our leadership gone?
Where has our leadership gone? 876 842 Brandon Croucher

Are you a role model to someone? Was it by choice, or did you kinda just fall into the role?   Have you ever been given a compliment that you just did not think you deserved? I personally know I have taken for granted being in leadership roles. Not to hurt or upset another person,…

Who builds you up?
Who builds you up? 687 1024 Brandon Croucher

28,252,800 seconds… 470,880 minutes… 7848 hours… 327 days… 11 months… It was March 11th, 2020 when the WHO (World Health Organization) declares COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic. We have all been told to stay home, it is in everyone’s best interest. No one who is truly genuine wants to intentionally hurt another person’s family member, co-workers’…

Your Mental Health Is Bigger Than You
Your Mental Health Is Bigger Than You 1024 681 Brandon Croucher

Mental health issues aren’t ones to be toyed with. It is estimated that 1 of every 5 US adults suffers from a mental illness. Now, take a look at your inner circle. It is likely that one of you suffer from a mental ailment. One that is likely never or seldom talked about. Although more…

How To Be Ready For “Your Moment”
How To Be Ready For “Your Moment” 1024 683 Brandon Croucher

As a person doing anything – working a demanding job, raising kids, building your own business – you will encounter many times in your life that can be defined as, “Your Moment”. It can, and will, call at any time and expect you to answer, whether you’re ready for it or not. Sometimes you’ll know…

New Year, Same Me
New Year, Same Me 1024 683 Brandon Croucher

You see it written and hear it said every January. New year, new me. The meaning is one enveloped with hope. Hope for a change, an improvement in yourself that will bring you closer to what you deem will make you happy. It also brings with it the implication that you are starting anew –…

You Are What You Consume
You Are What You Consume 1024 736 Brandon Croucher

You are what you consume. This extends far beyond just the food that you eat. Though having a good diet is good for both your body and brain, I am referring to something else completely. I am talking about the information you consume. We are in the first generation of humans that have infinite information…

Why It’s Good To Be Thankful
Why It’s Good To Be Thankful 1024 683 Brandon Croucher

Being thankful is more than just showing thanks to a loved one. Recounting and expressing what you’re thankful for is also an effective tool to increase your own happiness. We are social creatures, and though its nice to be on the receiving end of gratitude, showing it will release the same “feel good” chemicals as…

Alone. 1024 663 Brandon Croucher

Being alone can be good, and bad. Sometimes we constantly surround ourselves with people and work to do that we forget that there is value in spending time alone. Time to think, without noise. Time to stop thinking, and decompress. Real alone time, without lifes forces tugging at us. This time can be exceedingly important…

How To Make Negatives, Positive
How To Make Negatives, Positive 1024 683 Brandon Croucher

Negativity is bound to enter our lives in some way, shape or form. Whether it manifests itself as a person, experience, or unforeseen emotion, we will all encounter it. Though most view it as it is, negative, you can choose to see it differently – as an opportunity.  Opportunities arise themselves in all shapes and…

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